It Starts With One Shot of Nutrazon®

From the first shot of Nutrazon® Super Juice, you'll experience the goodness and raw power nature provided us in this proprietary blend of extracts from the rain forests of South America. Through years of research and validation, scientists concluded that these, combined with their array of  active ingredients, can help us with many of today's challenges. Frequently Asked Questions.

You will instantly...

  • Be more relaxed
  • Have increased endurance
  • Enjoy an increase in libido and sexual function
  • Enhanced memory, focus and mental clarity
  • Experience more balanced blood sugar levels
  • Have more success in reducing weight

Longer term documented health benefits include...

  • Protection from aging and diabetes
  • Reduced effects of metabolic diseases
  • Healthier functioning heart and cardiovascular system
  • Contributes to an extended life span
  • Increased energy and resistance to fatigue, stress and tension

It's the Blend...

The tremendous benefits of Nutrazon® are derived from a proprietary blend of powerful botanical extracts including Lipidium Meyedii (commonly called Maca), Uncaria Tomentosa (known as Cat's Claw), Croton Palanstigma (it's common name is Dragon's Blood) and Morinda Citrifolia (called Noni).

These four extracts, when blended together with other naturally occurring ingredients, possess a powerful source of nutrients and catalytics for the human body. The cumulative effect is both palpable and measurable. You can't find a more power-packed source of active ingredients anywhere else.

...And the Science...

Native populations throughout the Americas discovered the curative and protective power of these natural plants centuries ago. In the last 20 years, scientific researchers have spent thousands of hours studying, validating and publishing their findings on the changes these extracts can have on the human body, down to the molecular level.

For more scientific information on Lipidium Meyedii, Uncaria Tomentosa, Croton Palanstigma and Morinda Citrifolia... click here.

...And the Taste!

Unlike so many of the things that are actually good for you, Nutrazon® tastes great. We've added natural flavors and other pure ingredients that bolster both the taste and nutritional value.

From the very first shot, you'll notice a distinctive ZING and pleasant aftertaste of Nutrazon®.

Sourced Globally, Produced in the USA

We've combed the globe to source the finest, purest ingredients for Nutrazon®. Raw products are shipped to the United States for rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control, processing and blending. Additionally, Nutrazon® is blended, bottled and sealed in the United States to insure the highest level of product integrity before arriving to consumers in hand-packed shipping containers.

Our Quality Guarantee…

Each of our manufacturer-partners are leaders in Nutraceutical Technology and their processes are carefully monitored and documented through each step of production, from the raw material examination and inspection to the finished product.  For an unsurpassed result, our manufacturer-partners operate within the guidelines of the governing organizations specific to our industry.

We work to continually improve our organization, and together with our experienced manufacturer-partners, we have created a product that has a consistent taste, great look and unmatched effectiveness….which will keep them coming back for more. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

To meet our strict Corporate Quality Guarantee, each of these important measures are in place to ensure that you are provided with the highest quality and consistency that you would come to expect in a superior liquid nutritional product from Nutrazon. 

Certifications include:

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Certified Organic Manufacturer (CCOF)
Quality Assurance International (QAI)
FDA Registered
Trade Organization Associations:

National Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
American Herbal Products Association
American Nutraceutical Association
Natural Products Association
Organic Trade Association